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Hotpoint Stringband

Hotpoint is a contemporary Midwestern contradance band.  Sam Bartlett once told us that we sounded like a contradance band that never heard another contradance band, and we kind of liked that analogy!  We play for contras and squares, and are known for the energy, intensity and drive we put out for dancers.


The band consists of (left to right) the king of contradance percussionists, Mark "Pokey" Hellenberg; clawhammer banjo legend Hilarie Burhans, improvisational and inspired fiddler Mark Burhans; wall-of-rhythm pianist Marlene Shostak, and, keeping us well grounded, bassist Nick Weiland.


In this same configuration, Hotpoint has played together for something like 20 years.  We did attempt to disband (so to speak!) a few years back, but it just didn't take; apparently we love playing together too much to give it up.  So check out the schedule to see the occasional "high fun factor" dance weekend we still play, or get hold of us if you're looking for our music for your next dance week or weekend.  See you on the dance floor!

You want to dance. We can help.

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